jeudi 29 août 2013

"Spirit of Change" lyrics

Spirit of change

I couldn’t talk
I was just an animal
I followed the sheeps
As the police told me
I stand for nothing
Do I have the right to live ?
But one day all will be changed
And you’ll listen to our voices !

Break it today !
We’re fucking angry !
Until further notice
We have many things to say
So fuck you !
Don’t stear the way !
The streets have no fear
A country for me and you
Without this fucking society

From Russia to Pakistan
Dawdle the poors in mud
And nothing’s going wrong
I can’t accept it !
Everyone’s walking on their feet
So please get out !
Build a new country (x2)
Build it for you and me

Parce que le moment est venu que les choses changent !!! Euh non, attends... le moment est venu qu'on FASSE changer les choses ! Et oui ça ne se fera pas tout seul.

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