jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Paroles Marine Bitch


There will be a day I wouldn't remember
There will be a day of fear and terror
I hope this fuckin day is not coming
So if you want to vote, don't vote for Marine

Racism will win
If we don't kill this bitch !

Against racism, nationalism
politics and stupidity !

20% is too much
It's unfair for us
Unfair for the kids
Of the next generation
Ok dudes
we'll be dads
So save our children
and kill this bitch !

I'm sure
I wouldn't sleep
In this world of shit
with Berlusconi, Poutine and Marine
It's a world of fear
It's probably time
We have to show
That we can win !!

Je pense que ces paroles n'ont besoin d'explication...

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